Golf Stroke Counters

           Welcome to Count your Strokes!

We manufacture golf stroke counting bracelets for women and men.  Most

golfers want to know their accurate scores.  Many golfers seek a solution to

that never ending "what did I shoot?" Our golf stroke counters solve that!


When I started to golf, I couldn't remember how many times I hit the darn

golf ball!  It's important to me that I know what my true score is.  Otherwise

I wouldn't know if my game was improving.  Well, I created a bracelet counter

to wear on my wrist so I could count each stroke. I needed something that was

easy to use and not forget about.  It doesn't matter if you're taking your club

back or on the way down, either way you'll see that counter on your wrist....

In the beginning, I made them for me, then my friends and their friends, then

by word of mouth, then the website....  Well, you get the idea, this all started

with just one swing!


    .... And, our golf stroke counters are made in the United States!!


                    Happy Counting!~

                           DeDe Langer

We make golf stroke counters for everyone!

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