Count your



Golf Stroke Counting Bracelets for

Women & Men Golfers









"Golf is a game in which you yell "fore," shoot six, and write down five."

                 Paul Harvey






     Count your Strokes! designs and creates golf stroke counting bracelets.

        All of the Count your Stokes! Golf Stroke Counting Bracelets Are Patent Pending Products.



     We serve the golf industry where fashion and function are a "must have"

     for golfers. The golf stroke counters are made using glass beads.  They're

     classy, fun and comfortable to wear.


     Team and golf outting bracelets require a design sample. We'll photograph

     the sample and post on this website.  Approval of your golf stroke counter

     is required in addition to your purchase order. 


     Special orders for large quantites require 50% down and 50% due on

     delivery unless previous terms have been arranged.


     We will charge a nominal fee for the golf stroke counter that we make for

     your approval.  The charge will be determined at the time of sale and based

     on cost of goods needed to create your one-of-a-kind.  Special orders may

     require special beads, charms colored elastic etc.  Once you've approved

     the bracelet and they are manufactured, you'll receive your original bracelet

     back for your file.


     CYS can insert your card in with the product instead of ours. 



                        To order quantites of 50 or more, you are eligible for

                        different pricing.  Please contact me for information.


Retail accounts are invited and welcome!