Golf Stroke Counting

Bracelets For All Golfers






"Golf appeals to the

idiot in us and the child.  Just how childlike golf players become is proven by their frequent inability to count past five."   


                 John Updike







          Small   6"

          Medium   6 1/2"

          Large   7"

          XL   7 1/2"


The bracelet needs to

be a little loose because

your wrist will expand

from perspiration.

We guarantee the quality of our product!

All sales are final, but we will replace it if the product is defective.


Count your Strokes


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  • All golf counting bracelets have 10 beads to slide for counting.

  • All golf bracelets are hand tied.  The knots are glued.

  • The golf stroke counting bracelet is comfortable and hand washable.

  • Sizes are shown on the products page,  Sm - Med - Lg - XL.    

       Bigger is not better with these stroke counters.  Please provide your

       your exact wrist measurement.


       The golf stroke counters have glass beads.  Please be careful

       so your counter doesn't fall on the floor or land on a hard surface

       that could crack the beads.  The glass beads are beautiful and roll

       smoothly on your wrist.


       PLEASE NOTE !!   -   Not For Children

           All of the counters on this website have glass beads.

           If the child isn't old enough to be playing on a golf course, then

           please don't allow them to wear the glass bracelet or play with it.

     Golf stroke counting

     bracelet as it sits

     on your wrist.


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        Take a swing, move

        a bead!  Roll or move

        the bead with your

        fingertip.  Use your

        golf stroke counter

        to keep an accurate

        score everytime!


             Patent Pending


    Our golf stroke counting

    bracelet is fun to wear,

    looks great and reminds

    you to always


       Count your