Count your


Glass Bead

Golf Stroke Counters

For Women



Sizes for Women


        Small   6"

        Medium   6 1/2"

        Large   7"

        XL   7 1/2"


    Order your bracelet

    a little bit larger,

    your wrist will expand

    from perspiration.   



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"I have a tip that can take five strokes off anyone's golf game:  it's called an eraser." 


               Arnold Palmer


Finishaed Golf Stroke Counting Bracelet

Showing The Gold Tube

Patent Pending

                    Golf Ball Gift Bag



                                           Price includes:

                       One gift bag and 4 peridot

                            green gemstone tissues



                           6 3/4" Wide  x 6 3/4" Tall

                       (including the diecut golf ball)







Golf Stroke

Counting Bracelet

for Breast Cancer

Our Breast Cancer bracelet is dedicated to my very good friends & family, Brandie L, Barbara B, Joanne P, Elfie B,  Jill M and Pat D.  All have fought breast cancer and are with me today.  And to Connie, who fought very hard and now has gone on to rest.


We will send all profits from the BC bracelets to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation on behalf of all of the women and men that have had to deal with Breast Cancer.




           Finished Golf Stroke Counting Bracelet

                    Showing The Silver Tube

                               Patent Pending

Gift Bag and Tissues

Breast Cancer  Golf Stroke

Counting Bracelet

Patent Pending


All glass beads, opaque pink, white opal

with optional pink enameled ribbon charm


Breast Cancer Bracelet
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                         DeDe's Favorite Golf Stroke Counters

                                           Left to right: 

DeDe's Favorites
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                                                        Golf Stroke Counters

                                                                Left to right:


                        Southwest                                                                 Aqua


       Aqua Opaque/Orange Opaque/Matte Gold                 Aqua Opaque/Aqua Transp

       Tortoise Transp/Aqua Transp/Matte Gold                   Aqua/Rnbw Crystal/Rainbow Crystal

       Matte Crystal/Orange Opaque/Orange Opaque

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                                           Golf Stroke Counting Bracelet

                                                          Left to right: 


                        USA                                                                  Reds


             Red/White/Blue Transparent                              Red Transparent

             Red/White/Blue Opaque                                    Red Trans/Rainbow/Rainbow

                                                                                    Red Opaque/Red Transparent


USA / Reds
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                                  Amethyst Golf Stroke Counters - White Elastic

                                                        Left to right:


              Transparent Medium Amethyst/White Opal/White Opal

              Dark Matte Amethyst/Transparent Medium Amethyst/Matte Crystal

              Dark Matte Amethyst/Crystal Matte/Transparent Medium Amethyst/Crystal Matte

              Rainbow Crystal/Transparent Medium Amethyst/Transparent Medium Amethyst

Amethyst Golf Stroke Counters / White Elasltic
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                                   Amethyst Golf Stroke Counters - Black Elastic

                                                            Left to right:


             Transparent Medium Amethyst/Dark Matte Amethyst/Light Silver Lined Amethyst

             Transparent Medium Amethyst/Matte Gold

             Dark Matte Amethyst/Light Silver Lined Amethyst/Light Silver Lined Amethyst                   

Amethyst Golf Stroke Counters / Black Elasltic
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                                          Pink Golf Stroke Counting Bracelets

                                                           Left to right: 


                                            Pink Opal/White Opal/Rainbow Crystal

                                            Matte Crystal/Pink Opal

Pink Golf Stroke Counters
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                                           "The Jewels" Golf Stroke Counting Bracelets

                                                                    Left to right: 


                                                    Rainbow Crystal/Saphire/Saphire

                                                    Rainbow Crystal/Emerald/Emerald

The Jewels
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 Black Golf Stroke Counting Bracelets
Black Golf Stroke Counters
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                                                   White Golf Stroke Counters

                                                                  Left to right: 



                                                                 All White

White Golf Stroke Counters
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            All of the Count your Strokes! golf stroke counting bracelets can be ordered in

            different colors and combinations.   If you're looking to create a special combination

            golf stroke counter, call me, chances are that I'll have the colors you need.  You can

            also order on the Customize A Bracelet tab.   For a special event; a new outfit; a golf

            outting or stroke counters for your team in school colors, we can make them for you.


All of the Count your Strokes!  Gofl Stroke Counting Bracelets Are Patent Pending Products.